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Marina Taylor is an exceptional Brandon Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney located in Brandon, Fl. Also, She is and native of Brandon, Florida. Marina is the founder of her own “boutique” Brandon family law practice. She has spent most of her career helping people in need and won many divorce cases in the Brandon, Fl area. Call Marina Taylor as your next Family Law Attorney!

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Divorce Mediator

Brandon Divorce Mediator

Many couples are beginning to try mediation as the first means of getting a divorce in Brandon, Florida. If you are looking for a peaceful settlement, call our Brandon family law practice today!
Easy Divorce

Uncontested Brandon Divorce Expertise

When it comes to divorce, there are two different paths you can take: uncontested or contested. Marina R. Taylor at Brandon Divorce Lawyer can help in selecting what is the best divorce for you.

Divorce Attorney

Local Brandon
Divorce Attorney

When it comes to the local Brandon community, Marina R. Taylor is the divorce attorney that truthfully places her clients first. Whether you are going through divorce for the first time or not, let Brandon Divorce Lawyer be there for you!

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We Help Men & Women With Divorce in Brandon

A spouse has a right to receive support from the other so long as the receiving party is compliant. Call For Answers to your divorce questions.

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Frequently Asked Family Questions

Need a divorce? Residence in the state of Florida for at least six months will entitled you to be divorced in Florida, even if your spouse does not live in Florida.

The usual uncomplicated divorce may take between 3 to 6 months. If uncontested and all matters are agreed to in advance, it could take only a few weeks. Please note, a divorce is aggressively contested, involving complex legal issues, can take more than a year.

The cost of divorce ranges in price based on the amount of time and effort to draw a conclusion. It depends on how much time your attorney puts into your case and the course of action you chosen to pursue. Each case is different and depends on the complexity involved and the extent of disagreement between the parties.

There is no an easy answer for all cases. It will depend on many factors and your particular circumstances. The most important factor is the need of one spouse to be supported and the ability of the other to pay support.

Basic grounds for a divorce may be irretrievably broken. Also, Florida is a “no fault” divorce state.

No. You can represent yourself. It’s advisable to check with a lawyer and ensure you’re not missing anything and the paperwork is correct and in order. Also, remember the old adage, “The person who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Also, a lawyer will be objective and uncluttered by emotional issues that can cause mistakes. Florida law can be involved and confusing, even if the emotion is eliminated and matters of dispute seem to have agreement. It’s highly recommended to consult with an experienced Marital and Family law attorney before you sign an agreement. Unforeseen circumstances may occur that you may not be cognizant or aware of certain repercussion that may cause your legal rights to be unprotected.

When parties involved cannot agree, the judge will make the decision that is perceived to be best interest of the child. This is a very difficult and complicated area of Family Law. The Florida law is slowly changing towards a more equitable time sharing arrangement, rather than the old-fashioned of “alternate weekends” or the “weekends only” approach. Please be aware each case is different and involves unique situations.

There is no an easy answer for all cases. It will depend on many factors and your particular circumstances. The most important factor is the need of one spouse to be supported and the ability of the other to pay support.

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family law
Brandon Family Law

At Brandon Divorce Lawyer, we specialize is family law. Marina R. Taylor is dedicated to helping those undergoing divorce in Brandon, Florida, secure the best settlement possible.

divorce law
Brandon Divorce Law

When it comes to divorce law, there is no better expert than Marina R. Taylor. Not only is Taylor a professional student of the law, she marries together both the talent, skill, and experience to close cases at the benefit of her clients.

Contested & Uncontested

When it come divorce, it can either be contested or uncontested. Marina R. Taylor at Brandon Divorce Lawyer is a trained divorce attorney who can properly guide you on the right path.

military law
Military Divorce Lawyer

For military divorce, it's important to have a divorce lawyer who understands military law. Brandon Divorce Lawyer has a established a reputation in-and-around the Brandon area as a professional military divorce lawyer, known to help win cases.