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Can You Bring an Attorney for Mediation? The Role of Lawyers in Mediation

Some legal cases call for mediation to settle disputes. They will need a mediator in the form of an attorney for mediation, who the involved parties will select. The mediation attorney will be the one to help them regarding the communication and negotiation aspects of their case.

Whether it’s questioning the custody of a child after a divorce or a dispute on the ownership and finances of an estate, a mediation attorney can help in finding ways to make the involved parties make amends and settle on an agreement.

Mediation lawyers bring a much-needed intervention across legal cases that are difficult to find a settlement. Some courts will usually require a mediation attorney to gather information about the situation and find ways to make amends. This makes it easy for involved parties to agree to a decision by having a mediation lawyer present available options to them.

Are Lawyers Allowed During Mediation?

Lawyers are there during the mediation to attend the proceedings. The presence of an attorney is there to represent the best interests of the client while cooperating with the mediator. The mediator’s cooperation is required in some cases to make the mediation proceeding progress and help clients arrive at a decision that will benefit them.

Having a lawyer during a mediation proceeding helps in crafting a more favorable agreement between the client and involved parties. This makes it easy to spot objective decisions. Lawyers have a vital role when it comes to mediating a legal case, typically family law situations, where they can share their expertise on legal matters.

Some courts may also decide to have a lawyer present during the mediation proceeding. Typically, this happens when the involved parties are not able to meet on common ground. Whether it’s a family or financial case, the decision to agree can be difficult without the objective and rational judgment of a lawyer. Thus, they have a vital role and are required for the case to make progress.

Attorney for Mediation: What Is Their Role in the Proceedings?

The role of the attorney is to ensure that the involved parties will come up with an amicable settlement. Ideally, the agreement must meet the interests of the client.

Involved parties in a legal case may find it difficult to agree on terms. This is typical in family law cases, such as divorce and guardianship duties as a result of the separation. A mediation lawyer can speak on behalf of the client’s interests. They can help the involved parties by presenting relevant information, finding a common ground, and making them decide on a settlement that will be fair for both of them.

Arriving at an amicable settlement could be harder if there is no mediation lawyer. Their expertise and objective judgment can help in informing the clients about which option will work best. The mediation lawyer gathers and presents information related to the case. They will help in determining the most beneficial option that will be of favor to the involved parties, particularly in legal cases that involve divorce, child custody, and several other family law cases. These types of cases are the ones that commonly have a differing stand from the involved parents or guardians.

What Kind of Cases Can Be Mediated?

Not all types of cases are possible or eligible for a mediation proceeding. Before you consider finding a mediation attorney, it’s best to be informed first on which cases a lawyer for mediation can handle. Some of the legal matters that a mediation attorney can come in to arrange for a settlement include any of the following:

Child custody

One of the common family law cases is the custody of the child. When both parents can’t agree, there will be a need for mediation. The attorney for mediation can help both parties agree on a more favorable arrangement. They will also consider if the arrangement will best serve the interests of the child.

Non-criminal cases

There are different types of cases under the non-criminal definition. This can include divorce, probate cases, and many others. As long as the case does not involve any criminal liability, a mediation attorney can take on the case to determine a fair settlement that the involved clients will hopefully agree upon.

Civil cases

Other cases that will need the help of a mediation attorney are civil cases involving personal injury, defamation, medical malpractice, and other cases that need an amicable settlement. In this larger umbrella of civil cases, where many different legal proceedings are possible, a mediation attorney can help in looking for and coming up with an agreement that can best serve the interests of the client and involved parties.

Estate settlement

Ownership of land or disputes regarding properties can also be mediated in court by a lawyer that will handle the case. The land disputes could be coming from an inheritance, tax issues, or disagreement between a landlord and the property renter. Situations like this call for an attorney that can mediate the involved parties. A mediation lawyer can help plan the most ideal course of action about how to settle down estate property issues.

What Is the Process of Mediation?

As an informal and flexible process, the mediation proceeding will vary according to the case being discussed. Usually, though, there will be a discussion of the problem of the involved parties, gathering of information, and looking for options, with the last procedure ideally being able to reach an agreement between the involved clients. Each of the steps is essential for a mediation lawyer to help craft and present the best possible options for an agreement that the involved clients can benefit from or settle amicably.

At the discussion stage, the mediation lawyer will clarify the problems stated by the client. They will discuss what caused the disagreement or how it happened. The mediator will determine the root cause of the problem and look at the problem from many different angles. Once the problem is identified, it will then be easier to search for information that will be relevant to the case.

Information gathering is an important part of the mediation process. This becomes the baseline of decisions that a mediation lawyer will likely take into and consider every possible angle. The mediation attorney will typically ask questions, do fact-finding, and consult with the involved individuals. They will take into account the various facets of the legal case and check if any information will be relevant. This can be by checking pertinent documentation for financial cases or going deep into family history for a more objective way of gathering information in a child custody or divorce case.

With all the information at hand, the mediation lawyer will then look into possible options. Each of these options will be carefully looked upon if they will serve the interests of the clients. If it’s a child custody case, the mediation lawyer may look at what will best serve the interests of the child. They will look into available options for guardianship and see to it that it will be beneficial for the child and help the parents or guardians agree to the decision most favorable to them. The mediation lawyer may present the options to the client in the hopes of the client being able to agree on an option.

The end goal of a mediation proceeding is to hopefully arrive at a sound and fair agreement that can settle the dispute between involved parties. This is where the expertise of a mediation attorney comes in to determine the most optimal settlement that people involved in the case will agree upon. They will coordinate with the involved individuals or parties in the case and help them understand the options presented to them, citing which agreement will benefit them the most and which options are not as beneficial as they think they will be.

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