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child custody lawyerWhile divorce can be difficult to deal with at the best of times, when children are involved emotions take on a new intensity. Unfortunately, the bitter disagreements and drawn-out conflicts that arise from these situations can be extremely harmful to the innocent children involved in the dispute. As a Brandon child custody lawyer with over 26 years of experience in family law, Marina R. Taylor is always focused on finding the quickest, most beneficial solution for you and your offspring.

Is a Child Custody Lawyer the same as a Child Support Lawyer?

While child support is one of the many legal issues that Marina is qualified to tackle, it’s far from the only one. Whether you’re at the negotiation table, or arguing your case in court Marina’s wide-ranging expertise can help you in a number of ways.

  • She can help you find a custodial arrangement that suits your schedule, and the role you wish to play in your child’s life moving forward.
  • She can help you coordinate documentation, legal facts and personal information necessary to present your case in the best light possible.
  • She can provide ongoing guidance during the hearing.
  • She can help you exercise your parental rights through appropriate court channels, when your spouse is in breach of an established agreement.
  • As an expert child support lawyer, she can help you enforce timely child support payments as they become due.
  • Help to arrange visitation rights for non-custodial parents.

Negotiate equitable child support rates where necessary.

When Circumstances Change, Child Custody Lawyers Can Help You Find the Best Way Forward

Why Marina R. Taylor is the Best Child Custody Lawyer in Brandon

Experienced Negotiator

Litigation is always the last resort for an experienced child custody lawyer. A out-of-court agreement focused on securing an amicable custody arrangement for your child is always a preferable course of action. A well-negotiated compromise can ensure that you don’t have to rely on the court to make a decision; it also protects your child from the scrutiny and stress that arises during a court hearing. Finally, a litigation process can be extremely expensive to go through, so even a drawn-out agreement process can be preferable.

Puts Your Child’s Best Interests First

When courts are forced to make a decision regarding the custody of your child, they do so, on the basis of a child’s best interest. The criteria for best interest includes amongst other things:

  • The child’s desires
  • The physical and mental condition of all parties involved
  • Parent’s moral character and reliability
  • Parenting ability
  • Financial circumstances of each parent,
  • The stability of your home environment and living circumstances,
  • Any prior evidence of domestic abuse or substance abuse,
  • The development of the child in terms of schooling and other relationships.
  • Willingness to cooperate with the other parent.
  • Who handled primary caretaking for the child?

As an experienced child custody lawyer Marina can fight for your rights in line with each of these aspects throughout the duration of your case, even as she ensures that your child secures the best outcomes possible.

Child Support Attorney

Child support lawyers for fathers are hard to come by. While many lawyers are focused on ensuring that ex-husband make payments in sufficient amounts in a consistent manner, fewer attorneys work to make sure that these individuals aren’t agreeing to an inequitable distribution of their hard-earned incomes.   Marina R. Taylor can provide the guidance, and expertise you need during any child support negotiations.

Courtroom Confidence

There are a number of extenuating circumstances which can significantly change the nature and complexity of a child custody case.

  • Your spouse may change their mind during the negotiation process and argue to change the terms of the custody arrangement.
  • If your spouse moves to a different State, the jurisdictional issues involved could change the legal reality of the situation.
  • You may have reason to believe that your child would be in danger under the care of your spouse.
  • Your ex-spouse may break the terms of your custody agreement by denying you visitation or by refusing to return your child at the prescribed time.
  • You may be required to attend court-mandated classes for a variety of issues including: anger management or drug/alcohol abuse. In this case it may become far more difficult for you to negotiation an equitable custody sharing agreement.
  • You or your spouse may have remarried.

Marina R. Taylor brings an impressive background and proven track record in family law, to every child custody case. No matter what particular details of your situation are, Marina can offer you intelligent legal advice and compassionate guidance. Let her take the burden of negotiations, paperwork, and possible litigation off your shoulders.

If an agreement can’t be reached on the negotiating table, then Marina is more than prepared to fight tooth and nail for your rights in front of a judge and jury. When the other party to your divorce isn’t willing to respect your visitation rights, or they’re actively working to harm the health and welfare of your child, Marina will work to prepare evidence and file petitions in anticipation of the trial process. Ultimately her aim is to secure the happiness and future comfort of your child.
Avoid Costly Mistakes

The last thing you want to do is agree to a custody arrangement that grants you unfavorable terms. As an experienced child visitation lawyer, Marina has seen many instances where parents signed away their rights because of a lack of adequate legal knowledge. It’s also very possible that you might fail to make proper filings in light of constantly changing all codes, which could see you hit with hefty fines, and may ultimately hurt your chances of securing an equitable agreement.

Marina’s experience both inside and outside the courtroom will help you resolve the legal complexities surrounding your case efficiently, and effectively.

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Jonathan Bik
Jonathan Bik
5 stars
September 12, 2019 via Google

Marina’s experience paired with her welcoming personality is truly unique. She is so easy to talk with and genuinely wants to understand you as a person and what matters to you. She invests herself in finding solutions that work. She is very accessible and open minded.

Kelly Lynn
Kelly Lynn
5 stars

Marina is The Best Attorney. Not only is she a genuinely good human being she actually cares very much about the people and families her work is affecting. She knows and understands the law. She has courage and is dedicated. If you need even appellate work done she does an outstanding job. She is awesome. Thank you Marina and May God Bless You & Your Family Always

Jodi Pracht
Jodi Pracht
5 stars

Ms. Taylor was extremely helpful, insightful, and compassionate during a very confusing time. She took the time to answer all of my questions and gave me reassurance that there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Nai's Life
Nai's Life

5 stars

Marina Taylor is great! She is very professional and knowledgeable. Marina represented me in my divorce and parenting plan agreement. I greatly appreciate her expertise and the care taken to handle the difficult issues as well as providing an easy process along the way. I will definitely recommend Marina for others in need to utilize her services!

Jennifer Del Rio
Jennifer Del Rio
5 stars

Marina is awesome! She did my divorce case. Did it quick and got what I wanted. She responded back quickly to phone calls and emails, whenever I needed her. She also did not just want my money. Great lawyer!

Juli Wilson

Juli Wilson

5 stars

We retained Marina Taylor to represent us in an alimony modification case. With her knowledge and no-nonsense approach she has given us a better chance for the outcome we are seeking. Ms. Taylor thinks outside the box while sticking to the facts. Not only was she able to prove a decrease in our circumstances she was able to prove a substantial increase in the ex's circumstances. I would highly recommend Ms. Taylor for your family law needs.

Clayton Smith
Clayton Smith

5 stars

Marina was a Savior for me she took my case when my last lawyer quit on me and left me out there on my own. then i met Marina since day one she has had my back and whats best for me and that's what i love about her. she knows her stuff. so if you want a lawyer that cares call Marina Taylor she will stand by your side.

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