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Marina Taylor

Marina Taylor is an exceptional Brandon Divorce Lawyer in Florida. Marina is the founder of her own “boutique” Brandon family law practice. She has spent most of her career helping people in need. As a former Registered Nurse she served in several Tampa Bay hospitals in the areas of oncology and mental health. After 7 years, she decided to go back to law school to become a Marital and Family Law Attorney and open Brandon Divorce Law Firm. This Brandon Divorce Lawyer is known for her tenaciously aggressive nature to get the legal results you expect.

This Divorce Lawyer in Brandon is Committed

She continues to embrace the same innate commitment of helping people in need, as she did as a Registered Nurse. This intrinsic human desire to help, coupled with her legal expertise and genuine caring for her clients is the reason why Marina Taylor’s Family Law practice is different. Marina really puts things into the proper perspective when it comes to real life situations by setting the right priorities. Her belief that there is a lot more to winning and different ways to win than going to court is what sets her apart from many of her colleagues. Putting her clients first is the vital basis of her practice.

This Brandon Divorce Lawyer is a Problem Solver

This Brandon Divorce Lawyer is a problem solver and a true professional with a unique set of skills, talents and experiences that has molded her character to be a different kind of lawyer. She can be categorized among the best divorce lawyers in the Brandon and surrounding areas. Marina greatest strength is to artfully negotiate an out-of-court-settlements for the best interests of her clients. She understands the tough situations that life can surprise us and cause hurt and pain. There is nothing more emotional and stressful than an intense divorce or custody dispute. Hence, the reason you want to hire Marina Taylor and her unique method of practice using Artful Negotiations as the family mediation tool to get results that align with your goals. If you are interested in settling your case in mediation in as short a time as possible and with as least amount of money as possible then a free consultation to learn more about divorce mediation is worth your time.

This Brandon Divorce Lawyer is Focused

She is focused on solving your problem quickly and according to your goals by executing the most cost effective tactics and using the most appropriate legal options available including mediation or litigation. Marina Taylor’s demeanor and performance is the result of a conscientious work ethic of serving people, drawing on her many years of experience as a Family Law negotiator as well as litigator. Her goal is to get you the best possible outcome in your Family Law case.

We pride our selves on being the best local divorce lawyer in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, and Tampa Bay.

This Brandon Divorce Lawyer has Artful Negotiations

Artful Negotiations means defusing disputes, reducing confrontation, developing an atmosphere to conduct logical arguments, uncover mutual benefits and leading successful settlements by: Protecting your interests, Aggressively pursuing your goals, Explaining and recommending your top legal options, Executing the best plan of actions to get results for you, Leveraging her strong courtroom skills to get a fair out-of-court settlement.

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