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How To Get A Court Appointed Attorney For Family Law

Going through a divorce, especially with children, usually results in the need to get a family lawyer. In getting an attorney for family law, some cases require the court to appoint an attorney on behalf of the children. Parents or guardians may also prefer that the court pick an attorney for family law and decide on the case. A court-appointed …

Child Custody Attorney

Brandon Child Custody

Child Custody THE HISTORY OF THE MISCONCEPTION THAT 50/50 OR “EQUAL” TIME SHARING IN FLORIDA IN CHILD CUSTODY CASES IS THE STANDARD AND IN THE BEST INTEREST OF CHILDREN Thirty years ago, it was standard for judges to grant child custody of minor children to mothers just on the basis that the children were of a young age. There was …

Child Support Help

Child Support Help

Child Support Help Parents have an obligation to support their children according to their means. A parent’s child support obligation arises primarily in the context of dissolution of marriage and paternity actions. Child support is based on the combined net income of the parties, and is based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Save