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What is property distribution?

Distribution of property may partially occur during the pendency of a dissolution of marriage case, may be resolved by agreement of the parties, or can be determined in its entirety at trial. In distributing assets or property to each spouse, the court will consider, among other factors, each party’s contribution to the marriage, the economic circumstances of each party, the duration of the marriage and the contribution of each spouse to the acquisition, enhancement and improvement of both, marital and non-marital. The desirability of retaining a marital home as a residence for minor children and the intentional dissipation of marital assets by a spouse within two years prior to the date of filing or after the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage are also factors that will be considered.
There is no cause of action for legal separation in Florida. You may pursue your rights for support unconnected with dissolution of marriage, whether child support or alimony, if you wish to be separated but do not wish to dissolve your marriage.

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