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Marital conflicts can be an extremely sensitive and emotionally draining experience. A highly emotional and difficult time such as this calls for the expertise of a professional Divorce Lawyer in Tampa who can guide you through the tough decisions. With the right assistance from a qualified Tampa Divorce Attorney, you can obtain a settlement that protects your rights. Whether it’s a contested or uncontested divorce, as one of the leadingdivorce lawyers in Tampa Florida, we take a compassionate and efficient approach in coming to a conclusion that keeps our client’s best interests in mind.

Certified Divorce Lawyer in Tampa

Marina Taylor has been providing legal representation and consultation in family law cases in Tampa for the past 26 years with a specialization in divorce cases.From the inception of this boutique Tampa family law practice, our highly skilled divorce attorneys in Tampa have been dedicated to upholding the law by delivering unmatched legal services to settle disputes while going through a divorce. Our certified divorce attorney in Tampa, Florida will provide legal counsel by starting with a free consultation to fully understand your position in the legal dispute such as a divorce or marriage dissolution. Our overall objective is to provide our clients with quality defense on their behalf so that our clients are able to leave the courtroom with a smile on their face.

Divorce Overview in Tampa, Florida

Filing for divorce in Florida is regulated under the statute known as Chapter 61 – Dissolution of Marriage. As a ‘no-fault’ divorce state, a divorce can proceed without having to blame either party. This makes the process of filing for a divorce pretty straight forward, but one still requires the legal assistance of a Tampa Divorce Attorney when it comes to filing the papers for the divorce or dissolution of the marriage.

Conditions to obtain a divorce in Florida:

  • The filer needs to provide evidence that the marriage was legal.
  • Either spouse needs to be a resident of Florida for at least six months prior to filing for a divorce. (either spouse can prove this by submitting their Florida driver's license or your Florida voter registration card to the family court judge to whom your case is assigned.

(The court may place additional requirements on both parties). Once the requirements are met, the party can move forward and choose between the two processes of obtaining a divorce in Florida.

  • Simplified dissolution of marriage
  • Regular dissolution of marriage

A simplified dissolution of marriage can be achieved if both parties can come to an agreement on the following matters:

    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
    • The division of property, assets, and debts
    • Neither party seeks alimony
    • There are no minor children involved
    • Both parties agree that the marriage was irretrievably broken

    If you meet the requirements of a simplified process, get in contact with the best lawyer for divorce for a consultation to discuss if it’s the best option for you.

    The regular dissolution of marriage process is taken when there are minor children involved or when both parties do not agree to one of the conditions mentioned above. This will involve filing for a divorce before the court and will require the guidance and counsel of an experienced Tampa Divorce Attorney.

    The Best Divorce Lawyers in Tampa Florida

    Our divorce Lawyer in Tampa have years of expertise and can tailor advice that’s unique to your divorce case. We offer our expertise in the following legal capacities:

      • Uncontested Divorce
      • Temporary Relief Motions in Divorce
      • No-Fault Divorce
      • Evidence in Divorce Cases
      • Divorce Trials
      • Divorce Mediation
      • Divorce Litigation
      • Contested Divorce with Children
      • Contested Divorce
      • Appeals in Divorce Proceedings

      Why Hire a Tampa Divorce Attorney?

      During our consultation, the divorce Lawyer in Tampa will gain a complete understanding of the financial and other issues of your case. Our Divorce attorneys in Tampa will then take you through the entire process, letting you know about your rights and responsibilities.

      During consultation, clients gain a deeper understanding of Florida law, and will be given a game plan that will put them in the best position to gain a favorable result.

      While you can go at it alone, and represent yourself at court, we strongly advise against that since it will be extremely difficult to negotiate a good deal, mainly because people generally do not know about their rights and responsibilities.

      Besides that, it is very difficult to argue your own case in court if you know nothing about court procedures and State law regarding divorce. It is important to remember that a judge is not your advocate, and cannot help you in court. Often times, those who decide to self-represent do not have knowledge of hot to get evidence before the court, hence, the evidence is not taken into consideration by the judge.

      Not having the proper knowledge while self-representing can lead to serious consequences, including the chance of losing your case or some aspect of your case, regardless of your legal rights. Hiring the top-rated divorce lawyers in Tampa will ensure that doesn’t happen.

      At BrandondivorceLawyer.com, our Tampa Divorce Attorney will defend your position with fervor. Armed with information on your marriage’s history and the circumstances which led to the divorce, we ensure exceptional outcomes for all our clients. Hiring our top divorce attorney in Tampawill get you the proper legal representation you need to finalize your divorce.

      Equitable Distribution of Wealth

      Florida is an ‘Equitable Distribution’ state, meaning that marital property is equally divided between both parties during the divorce. But, there are instances where the court will decide to divide marital assets in a way that is not exactly considered equal.

      In which case, you are going to need the representation of the best Tampa divorce attorney. Marital property normally includes homes, cars, investments, personal property, and retired benefits. Also, any asset of debt that’s obtained during the course of a marriage is also considered as marital property and is distributed equally between both parties under Florida law.

      The court will also consider the allocation of child custody and will determine the amount of child support which is to be paid by one spouse to their partner. This is an emotionally charged aspect of any divorce and requires proper legal representation from the best Tampa divorce attorney.

      Affordable Legal Representation by Top Rated Divorce Lawyers in Tampa

      We are aware that getting the proper legal representation can sometimes create a financial strain on our clients, which is why we provide the expert services of an affordable divorce attorney along with flexible payment plans that are tailored to our client’s needs. Our cheap divorce lawyers in Tampa can guide you through the entire process.

      • Free Initial Consultation
      • Preparing and Filing Your Forms
      • Answer and Counter Petition
      • Financial Discovery
      • Mandatory Case Management Conference (scheduled by the Court within 90 days filing the petition)
      • Time-sharing
      • Any other disputes that may need to be resolved including, child care and child care, health and dental insurance,any medical and dental expenses.
      • Attendance at Mediation
      • Uncontested Final Hearing or Temporary Relief Hearing
      • Representation in Pretrial Conference
      • Final Hearing and judgement

      Contact an Experienced Tampa Divorce Attorney Today

      If you find yourself dealing with a family law issue, such as a divorce, do not hesitate to seek the right guidance from thebest lawyer for divorcewho knows the ins and outs of divorce court proceedings and who knows what you’re going through. Feel free to contact us at [insert contact number here]. Highly experienced and cheap divorce lawyers in Tampa are just a phone call away.
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