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A spouse has a right to receive support from the other so long as the receiving spouse has the need and the other spouse has the financial ability to contribute. There are several factors that the court will take into consideration in determining a party’s entitlement to alimony. A spouse has a right to receive support from the other so long as the receiving spouse has the need and the other spouse has the financial ability to contribute. There are several factors that the court will take into consideration in determining a party’s entitlement to alimony. Schedule Legal Services with our Brandon divorce lawyer.

Certain marriages can be annulled, depending on the circumstances that existed at the time that the parties entered into the marriage. Do you have questions about our family law services? Please contact our brandon family law offices today!

Parents have an obligation to support their children according to their means. A parent’s child support obligation arises primarily in the context of dissolution of marriage and paternity actions. Child support is based on the combined net income of the parties, and is based on the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Do you want more information on child family law services? Call the Laws offices of Brandon divorce lawyer today!

The term “custody” has been abolished by Florida law. However, an extended family member may still obtain temporary custody of a minor child if the child’s parents consent or the best interests of the child so requires. In the context of dissolution of marriage and paternity cases, custody has been replaced by the concepts of parental time-sharing and parental responsibility. As part of his or her right to exercise parental responsibility, a parent is entitled to participate in the major decisions that affect the welfare of the child(ren), such as decisions regarding choice of education, health care, religion, etc. These issues must be agreed upon by the parties prior to the final hearing, or will be determined by a judge at trial in a contested case to establish paternity or dissolve a marriage. Please complete the form or call our divorce lawyer for legal or Brandon family law consultation.

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. What this means to you is that it is not required that you prove that you are seeking a divorce due to the fault of the other party. It is only required that you state that your marriage is completely broken. Divorce cases usually require the resolution of issues such as equitable distribution of property, time sharing, custody and parenting issues, child support, alimony and entitlement to attorney’s fees and costs. If the parties are unable to agree on every single issue prior to the date of filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage, the divorce will be contested. At the
Law Office of Marina Taylor, P.A., we analyze our client’s goals and work with our clients to help them make the right decisions. Schedule Legal Services with are divorce lawyer as soon as you can.

Distribution of marital property may partially occur during the pendency of a dissolution of marriage case, may be resolved by agreement of the parties, or can be determined in its entirety at trial. In distributing assets or property to each spouse, the court will consider, among other factors, each party’s contribution to the marriage, the economic circumstances of each party, the duration of the marriage and the contribution of each spouse to the acquisition, enhancement and improvement of both, marital and non-marital. The desirability of retaining a marital home as a residence for minor children and the intentional dissipation of marital assets by a spouse within two years prior to the date of filing or after the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage are also factors that will be considered. There is no cause of action for legal separation in Florida. You may pursue your rights for support unconnected with dissolution of marriage, whether child support or alimony, if you wish to be separated but do not wish to dissolve your marriage. Schedule Legal Services with our qualified divorce lawyer before its too late.

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process where a mediator or neutral party facilitates the negotiation of a settlement agreement. The parties are usually required by the court to attend mediation prior to trial for the purpose of resolving all or some of the pending issues in a more expeditious, practical and less costly manner. Mediation effectively resolves family law and civil disputes, reduces the costs of litigation and empowers the parties to resolve their own issues without the need for trial.

Divorce Modification

Orders may be enforced or modified by subsequent court order. Once an order has been entered and a party has failed to comply with said court order, the available remedy may be to seek enforcement of that order. In the case where a change in circumstances has occurred since the entry of a prior order, a party may seek a modification of the prior order by filing a supplemental petition for modification. Schedule Legal Services

Name Change

How to change your change? This is a question not only frequently asked, but a very popular legal service. Minors and adults may apply to the court for a name change. A petition for name change may be granted if the person seeking a name change has not filed for bankruptcy, has never had his or her civil rights revoked, and does not want to obtain a name change for an inappropriate purpose such as defeating the right of a creditor.

A parent may be prohibited from relocating a child’s residence more than 50 miles from their current residence if certain conditions apply. Parents who wish to relocate outside of the permissible radius (50 miles) and who do not have the written consent of the other parent, must file a petition for relocation and comply with the statutory requirements prior to obtaining a court order allowing said relocation. Schedule Legal Services.

Brandon Paternity Lawyer

Unmarried parents of minor children establish their rights and obligations with respect to their minor children by filing a lawsuit to establish paternity. A paternity case is usually initiated by a father that wishes to establish his rights to share time with his children and participate in decisions that affect the welfare of the children, or by a mother who seeks to establish the father’s child support obligation. Florida law also provides for the disestablishment of paternity of fathers, provided that certain requirements are met. Please call for family law services today.

Military Divorce

Military divorce is different from a civilian divorce. There are many common issues that can be treated the same such as the division of assets, dividing debts, child support, visitation, relocation, and alimony. However, military personnel have special complications that include dealing with an overseas or out of state spouse. It’s important to get an experienced lawyer that has done many military divorces. Marina Taylor’s expertise includes best-practices to dealing with the military divorce process for over 25 years. Schedule Legal Services.

There are family law services that Marina can help with a divorce. These areas include: military pension, retirement benefits, relocation, travel, child support and visitation. Military pensions and benefits are considered part of the marital estate and subject to division under Florida’s equitable distribution laws. You want Marina Taylor, PA, a very experienced military divorce lawyer on your side with the skills to solve problems that span all aspects of military divorce. Marina will protect your interests in both the military and civilian worlds and ensure you are properly represented with aggressive agenda to achieve your goals.

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