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Tips For The Vulnerable Spouse


In the twenty seven years that I have been negotiating divorce agreements for clients, often times there is a spouse who is being overly generous with support issues and property distribution or there is a spouse who is taking on the “victim” role and who “doesn’t want to take him or her for everything.” For example, there is Husband who in a long term marriage feels incredibly responsible and guilty for leaving his wife and in an effort to ease guilt is willing to “give away the farm.” Then there is the Wife who even through the divorce process continues in her role to “protect her man” and wants to make sure that the Husband is going to be left with enough financial resources to “live.”
I am very sensitive to my client’s goals but as a client advocate it is my job to ensure my client’s financial future. There is a fine line between advocating my client’s position, respecting it and looking out for my client’s best interest. Often times I will tell a client to take a few days to really ponder his or her decision and not to rush into an agreement that is not financially sound. Often times, it all boils down to timing and some event will trigger an emotion which surprisingly will change my client’s mind. For example, a Wife may become angry when she finds out that the Husband is spending money on a girlfriend’s child while making an issue about paying one half of extra curricular activities for his own children. A Husband may decide not to be generous with his alimony offers when he realizes that he will not always want to live in a one room apartment and he may actually like to have a nice place to take his children.
Although I am not a counselor, I do counsel my clients and make them think about the future and how their decisions to day could negatively impact, not only their lives, but the lives of their loved ones in the future. I am able to counsel clients and give them examples based on real live cases I have handled over the years. Experience in this area of the law is very important so call Marina Taylor, a Brandon/Riverview divorce and family law lawyer for a free consultation.