Divorce is difficult but attainable with our Brandon Easy Divorce.

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Marina Taylor has been practicing family law in Hillsborough County for over 26 years and can advise you how the standard family law forms you are downloading can be customized to meet the specific needs of your case. With Marina Taylor, a Brandon easy divorce is possible. She has realized that no two cases are ever exactly alike and therefore the standard forms can’t possibly address all the concerns your case may present. She will discuss with you the various scenarios that could occur in the future which would keep you from being able to enforce your divorce decree in the event your spouse doesn’t hold up her/his part of the bargain. She can then advise you how to fill out the forms to make sure you can enforce your divorce decree in the future, if needed. All this advice is FREE so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact Marina Taylor today for information on a do-it-yourself-divorce in Florida.

Uncontested Brandon Easy Divorce

There are two paths you can take when doing your own divorce. First types of divorce, is the uncontested divorce where you and your spouse agree on everything and simply want to write up your own agreement. This is the most common scenario for the do it yourself divorce.For those of you who have no expectations of gaining anything out of your divorce other than dissolving the legal ties of matrimony to your spouse then a do-it-yourself-divorce in Brandon, Florida is obviously the cheapest route to go and a trip to the lawyers office is probably not necessary as long as you’re not agreeing to anything but a divorce.

Contested Brandon Easy Divorce

If, on the other hand, children are involved or you are to receive some benefit out of the divorce in the form of money, real estate or personal property, then a trip to Marina Taylor’s office for some FREE information and advice makes sense.The second path you can take when doing your own divorce is not so easy.You have to fill out forms for a contested case with the idea that a judge will ultimately make decisions for you. In contested cases, the judge will always order you to court ordered mediation where hopefully your case will become uncontested. Before going to mediation, a trip to Marina Taylor’s office for some FREE information and advice makes sense because you don’t want to go to mediation not knowing what your rights and obligations are. If you go to mediation and your case does not settle, you may return to Marina R. Taylor for advice on to finish up your case and she can assist you in a do-it-yourself-divorce in Brandon, Florida.

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