Military Divorce – Different than a Traditional Divorce

Military Divorce

military divorce Military divorce is different from a civilian divorce. There are many common issues that can be treated the same such as the division of assets, dividing debts, child custody, child support, visitation, relocation, and alimony. However, military personnel have special complications that include dealing with an overseas or out of state spouse. These special circumstances may lead to new issues of child custody, visitation and may include expensive travel arrangements. It’s important to get an experienced lawyer that has done many military divorces. Marina Taylor’s expertise includes best-practices to dealing with the military divorce process for over 25 years.
There are critical areas that Brandon divorce lawyer has addressed many times with military divorce cases. These areas include: military pension, retirement benefits, relocation, travel, child custody, child support and visitation. Military pensions and benefits are considered part of the marital estate and subject to division under Florida’s equitable distribution laws. You want Marina Taylor, PA, a very experienced military divorce lawyer on your side with the skills to solve problems that span all aspects of military divorce. Marina will protect your interests in both the military and civilian worlds and ensure you are properly represented with aggressive agenda to achieve your goals.

military divorce